Hitting the Strops!

Hitting the Strops! It’s Lily Allen V Queen Mary Lily Allen has been talking about her upcoming show ‘Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags’ on Twitter, saying she’s not happy with the way she is portrayed in the show. Here is what she told buzz:

“I’m excited about us starting a family business... It’s a place to come and have a dressing-up experience,” says Lily. “I love clothes and getting dressed up...I’ve got that passion for fashion.  It’s time for a new journey.  Oh God, what am I doing? I sound so sentimental!”

However, Mary Portas had a few words for Lily in the show, as she dismissed her plans for the shop as “cute and fabulous but not a business”. The ruthless retail expert sees red in the program when defensive Lily storms out of a meeting where some of her ideas come in for criticism by the public – “She can’t do this,” Mary rages.  “This is gold-dust information, even if they say things we don’t want to hear.  This is just bonkers.” source

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