Pop star Lily Allen who is always surrounded with controversies

Pop star Lily Allen who is always surrounded with controversies has rubbished reports that she is dating musician Daniel Merriweather, insisting she hasn’t met him in almost a year.

Allen was said to have fallen for Merriweather after they were introduced by mutual friend Mark Ronson.

However, Allen has taken to social networking site Twitter.com to dispel the rumours, reports the Daily Star.

She also caught up with Merriweather himself after not seeing him since last June’s Glastonbury Festival in England.

She writes to Merriweather: “Apparently we are really enjoying each others (sic) company at the mo (moment). I haven’t seen you since glasto last year. you good?”

Meanwhile Feisty British singer Lily Allen who is always in news is quite cool about her latest wadrobe malfunction where her boobs outgrew her metallic dress and people got a glimpse of star’s nipples during a break on set of her new music video for latest single ‘22’ in Covent Garden
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Lily Allen looking very young

Lily Allen looking very young
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Hitting the Strops!

Hitting the Strops! It’s Lily Allen V Queen Mary Lily Allen has been talking about her upcoming show ‘Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags’ on Twitter, saying she’s not happy with the way she is portrayed in the show. Here is what she told buzz:

“I’m excited about us starting a family business... It’s a place to come and have a dressing-up experience,” says Lily. “I love clothes and getting dressed up...I’ve got that passion for fashion.  It’s time for a new journey.  Oh God, what am I doing? I sound so sentimental!”

However, Mary Portas had a few words for Lily in the show, as she dismissed her plans for the shop as “cute and fabulous but not a business”. The ruthless retail expert sees red in the program when defensive Lily storms out of a meeting where some of her ideas come in for criticism by the public – “She can’t do this,” Mary rages.  “This is gold-dust information, even if they say things we don’t want to hear.  This is just bonkers.” source

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Lily Allen sunbathing in a bikini top Australia

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Lily Allen @ The Big Chill 2006

102_2641 lily allen, originally uploaded by Matt Farrow.

flash back

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